Holistic Healing

with Cheryle Cote

Common Hypnosis Goals

Lose Weight

Stop Smoking

Hypnosis assists you in changing your thought patterns toward smoking. By eliminating cravings and clearing the beliefs surrounding smoking, Hypnosis can help you successfully kick the smoking habit once and for all. Check out the Quit Smoking Program page.

Ease Stress

Life can be hectic and stressful for everyone. Hypnosis excels at removing stress and anxiety from your everyday life. It can provide you with a relaxed, stress-free attitude to help you cope with your daily tasks. Check out the Release Stress Programs page.

Gain Self Confidence

Our subconscious mind can store old beliefs that undermine our feelings of self-worth. By clearing or reformulating these innappropriate and unsupportive beliefs using hypnosis, self-confidence can be restored. Customized programs available.

Hypnosis can make losing weight feel natural and effortless. By eliminating cravings, increasing motivation to exercise, and reducing portions of food, Hypnosis helps you reach your weight loss goals. By clearing away any self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours, hypnosis helps you keep the weight off for good. Check out the Weight Loss Programs page.

Sports Performance

Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of mental visual rehearsal in the sports field. Hypnosis takes this a step further by removing any anxiety and improving confidence. This allows the mind/body connection to function more effectively towards reaching a successful end result. Customized programs available.


Hypnosis can help with all of the above concerns and so much more:

Basic Programs start with three sessions.

Exam Anxiety

Public Speaking

Enhanced Learning

Injury Recovery


Pain Management


Dental Anxiety




Eliminate Fears

You don't have to be controlled by your fears. Hypnosis utilizes the power of your subconscious mind to free your self from irrational fears and calms the mind. Customized programs available.