Holistic Healing

with Cheryle Cote

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Accessing Your Intuition - One day workshop

Have you ever felt that you have had flashes of intuition or a gut feeling? Do you want to learn skills to access these abilities when you want. Learn how to Access Your Intuition and discover your own abilities to tune in to subtle energies. Using various experiential techniques, you will systematically learn how to use your intuition. Light lunch included.


Group Past Life Regression

Discover who you were and how that has meaning in this lifetime. Understand why you are attracted to certain things or why you have certain issues recurring.  As a group, individuals pay only 


Tarot - One day workshop

In this one day workshop you will learn the meanings of the traditional 78 card Tarot deck, the symbolism and how to do a reading, including practice time. If you don't have your own Tarot deck, I can lend you one for the workshop. Space is limited, so register early to reserve your spot! Includes a light lunch. 


Reiki - Level 1, 2 & 3 (Master) offered. Each level is 1 day or 2 evenings.

Numerology - Traditional - 1 day workshop 

Numerology - My exclusive "Sequence" technique featured in my book, "The Secret in Your Name" - 1 day workshop 

EFT level 1 - learn how to use EFT (emotional tapping) effectively for yourself and your family - 1 day workshop

EFT level 2 - learn to use more advanced techniques and the art of delivery - 1 day workshop

Astrology level 1 - learn the basics of chart construction and analysis - 6 weeks, 3 hours each class

Astrology level 2 - learn the aspects and angles between planets, the psychological patterns and symbolism - 6 weeks, 3 hours each class

Astrology level 3 - Transits - learn the significance of current planetary positions in relation to your birth chart as it unfolds with time - 6 weeks, 3 hours each class